ARDEM Data Entry Services completes Indexing of 100k Large Format Drawings

ARDEM is pleased to announce a successful completion of the indexing of 100,000 Large Format drawings for a major document management solution provider. Under very tight project deadlines ARDEM undertook the indexing and Meta data creation for large format drawings.
Scan images in Tiff and PDF format of large format engineering drawings, maps and photographs were used to develop the Meta index data.  The scan images were first sorted and separated into single page images since indexing was required at the single drawing sheet level. Up to 10 separate fields of data which could be located anywhere on the drawing was captured to create a database.  All indexing was double keyed to assure 100% accuracy of final index data.
Indexing engineering drawings and maps is more complex than forms data entry. Very often data on drawings is not always located in the same place on each drawing. This is particularly true when indexing manufacturing and engineering drawings which span many decades and various engineering rules for Legend creation. Navigating scanned engineering drawings to locate the relevant Meta data can also slow down the process since very often you are working with very large file sizes.
Document management solutions for large engineering, manufacturing and architectural firms very often require Meta data creation. This index needs to be 100% correct and must contain all the relevant data which would allow the engineers and architects to quickly locate the relevant drawing image.  While information which is machine typed in well laid out structured forms
(Same information in same location) lends itself to optical character recognition (OCR) where data capture software can be utilized to capture the information from the incoming paper form much  of the information on drawings is not in a structured form; often it is  handwritten.
Data Entry of index data or meta data from drawings then becomes the choice selection.
ARDEM solutions for indexing drawings utilize both scanning of the drawing as well as data keying of the index data from the drawing scans. In addition to offering better document control scanning of drawings allows for greater efficiency when keying the index data as well as allows for better downstream audit and quality control of drawing Meta data.
Utilizing software validation in combination with dual key entry and compare data entry ARDEM achieves 99.97% or higher accuracy in indexing large format drawings for many of its clients.
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