Invoice Processing Solutions

Engineering fully managed solutions for established companies to streamline your invoice processing to improve cycle time, increase accuracy, and save costs.

Accounts Payable Outsourcing Solutions for Established Companies

Quick Set-up

We can put together a qualified team to work for you within 14 days.

Efficient Processing

We set up the process to handle all of your invoices 100% on-time and assure quality.

Faster Payments

Shorter cycle times and higher accuracy means that all invoices are paid on time.

Scalability and Growth

With a large pool of qualified and trained analysts, we can quickly scale as you grow.

How Does It Work?

Bulk uploaded directly to the ARDEM Invoice Manager/SFTP. Physical invoices are scanned and uploaded to the ARDEM Invoice Manager/SFTP. Invoices can be sent as email attachments which will be picked up by the ARDEM Invoice Manager. Vendors can send invoices directly to ARDEM through a centralized inbox.

Invoice processing comes with a considerable amount of challenges due to the variance between all of the different formats and vendors. By combining advance data capture technology and effort-based capture we increase accuracy, shorten cycle time, and reduce operating costs.

Starting from the initial receipt of invoices, ARDEM provides the necessary due diligence to accurately capture all data, review and resolve suspect data, and provide quality assurance to ensure all invoices are accurate.

No large IT overhaul required. ARDEM’s experienced in today’s most used finance systems to easily lift and shift your AP process and free up your team.


Utilize Your Current System


Partner with ARDEM

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Your Tools, Our Team, Immediate Savings

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Use Your Current System

Lift and Shift
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Let us handle the process from receipt to payments.

We are experts in many F&A systems


ARDEM Collaboration

Increase Visibility and add Reporting Capabilities

Invoice Processing made easier with OCR, automated approvals, customized reporting and more!

We integrate with your system for more visibility

Contact us for your free ROI case and find out just
how much you can save!

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